CanadaWorks 2025

April 3 is the day HRPA and Deloitte launch the white paper that we jointly produced – “CanadaWorks 2025”.  We’re all very excited about the launch, and the discussions it will spark in our growing community.  It’s our hope that these discussions – whether they take place on Twitter, in person, or in a more formal setting – will make us think more closely about our future as Canadians, and about how we can all start working, now, on the future that we want.

The report is the result of interviews conducted by Deloitte and HRPA with 52 senior leaders from across sectors, combined with secondary research and scenario planning methodologies.  “CanadaWorks 2025” describes three possible scenarios for Canada’s future: Unsustainable Prosperity, Lost Decade, and Northern Tiger.  The names capture what each scenario represents, and the report lays out the details of what Canada’s possible future looks like.  The scenarios are about you and me, and our families.  It shows us what our lives could look like, and how we got there.  It’s compelling reading – like having a glimpse into your own tomorrow, based on the opinions of leaders today.  Opinions which were divergent, varied and opposing – but always strongly-held.

Wherever we turn these days, we see evidence of economies that are struggling, and of the impact that has on society – the effects of unemployment, the burden of debt, the chaos of instability.  Deloitte and HRPA produced this report because, like all Canadians, we want something better.  We know very well that the report’s two less optimistic scenarios are a possibility, given where we stand today, and we want to have an impact on what happens next.

Regardless of what your job is, or what your passion, whether you are a new Canadian or your family has been calling this country home for generations, we are all vested in creating the best future possible for ourselves, and for future citizens.  For me, it’s a privilege both to be a Canadian and to be part of a debate about my country’s future.

Looking back at what was once a crossroads is not as exciting as knowing that you are standing at that intersection now and looking forward, armed with information, foresight and the lessons of history.  If we make the right decisions, and work to influence policymakers at every level of government, education, business and industry to pull together for a better future, Canada can indeed become The Northern Tiger.

Read the report, watch the video, weigh in with your own thoughts – let’s get started!

Kristina Hidas
Vice President, HR Research and Development
Twitter: @HRPA

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