Canada’s Future Begins Today

With the Civic Holiday in Ontario behind us, I’m reminded, as I always am by a long summer weekend, of the privileges of being Canadian.  Whether you had a long weekend in your province, and no matter what it was called if you did, having the ability to spend an extra day with friends and family is fortunate.  Regardless of where you live, in whatever place you call home, being Canadian is a pretty privileged thing to be.  But our work at HRPA on CanadaWorks 2025 grew out of some important questions – how long can we sustain this privilege?  What should we be doing now to ensure a bright future for Canadians?  Are we paying enough attention to what’s happening with the Canadian economy and how it’s doing in comparison to countries around the world?  CanadaWorks 2025 makes strong recommendations that we need to pay close, and immediate, attention to immigration, employment and education, not to mention investing in research, development and technology.  We’re not where we need to be if we want to safeguard a great future for the next generation of Canadians.  We need to look critically at where and how we’re spending money, and make some tough decisions about the most fundamental aspects of what it means to be Canadian – whether it’s our health care system, our education system, our industries and natural resources, they are all at risk of not keeping up with today’s world, let alone tomorrow’s.  Given the great country that we live in, it falls to us now to make the changes that Canada so urgently needs.  What would you do first?  Let us know – the debate continues, and, as we enter the last weeks of another beautiful Canadian summer, it’s time to get to work….

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