I’ve been watching the 2012 Olympics and thought of one word that encompasses the athletes. That word is strive (to struggle, to make every effort, do all you can, do your best, go all out). To strive takes long-term dedication and a commitment to becoming better. It’s the desire to strive that distinguishes our best human resources professionals. To constantly reset the bar on what they know and how they implement for their organizations.

Helping people strive is the sweet spot for HRPA Professional Development. Along with our regular seminars, webinars, conferences and workshops, we’ve been adding new certificate programs in areas like Labour Relations, Executive Compensation, Workplace Investigations, Finance and more. Oh, and we’ve also developed a little thing we call Career GPS™ for HR Professionals.

Go Canada! Continue striving.


P.S.: Don’t you think they should put Clara Hughes’s picture in the dictionary next to the definition of strive?

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