Tell them something they don’t know about something that is important to them

Referring to what makes a good story; a wizened newspaper executive gave the following advice:  “tell them something they don’t know about something that is important to them.”   This something new can be a new fact or it can be a new way of connecting the dots.  So this blog entry will attempt to do that, in 400 words or less—and it’s about regulation.

Let’s start then with what is important to us as HR professionals.  I would take it that landing a good job in HR, making a contribution to our organizations, being respected and valued for making that contribution.  OK, so far, so good, but what does regulation have to do with this?  Let’s try to connect some dots in new ways by takings a different look at what would appear to be a ho-hum story—the presentation of the Law Society of Upper Canada to the Attorney General of Ontario of the five-year review of the impact of the Access to Justice Act, 2006.

What is the connection?  The Report demonstrated that regulation has had a real tangible beneficial impact on the paralegal profession in Ontario.  In other words, the introduction of regulation to the paralegal profession in Ontario has had an impact for paralegals in terms of making a contribution, being respected and valued for making that contribution, and being better paid for the work they do as well.

Paralegal, many of whom had been skeptical of the value of regulation, noted that regulation had increased public confidence in their work, and that that this has had positive benefits for paralegals from both marketing and practice development perspectives.

“There have been dramatic changes in the state and status of paralegal work.  I take a lot of pride in being part of what has clearly become a profession, and regulation has been a big driver of the progress over the last few years.” LSUC Gazette, Summer 2012, p. 5.

The connection is simple—if it worked for paralegals, why wouldn’t it work for HR professionals?  Perhaps it is time to look at regulation differently.  Regulation might just be that something we didn’t know about that turns out to be a key driver of things that are very important to us.

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