Resource Centre

There are dozens of answers to the question, “What do I get for my membership dues,” but the answer I most often give is “exclusive access to Resource Centre.” Resource Centre is actually an umbrella term for a number of different information services from HRPA designed to help you do your job and succeed in your career. They include:

  • HRPA’s Reference Library—just make an appointment to visit the library at our Toronto office during business hours and use our salary surveys and benchmarking data, loose-leaf collections, and books;
  • Customized HR Research and fact finding by our team of informational specialists—just send them an email describing the information you need and they’ll find it for you within 3 business days (we handled over 3,000 such requests in 2011);
  • A powerful online HR knowledge base that lets you browse our hand-picked collections on HR topics that matter, such as AODA, Provincial and Federal Employment Law, HR Planning, Health and Safety, Human Rights, etc.; it also features a search function to find resources from HRPA, as well as leading employment law firms, HR trade publications and the Ministry of Labour – all without leaving the Resource Centre;
  • An inventory of more than 700 premium, customizable HR policies from HRdownloads—available for just $10/each;
  • A portal to HR and management books from; and
  • RSS feeds from Statistics Canada, WSIB, SHRM and CIPD, as well as our own HR Daily.

Before I close I want to share with you how HR Daily gets done. In any given week we feature around 50 articles from the several hundred collected by Google Alerts, a tool that conducts an internet-wide search for content posted within the last 24 hours based on keywords selected by our information specialists concerning topics our members want most to know about.

Early each morning an information specialist chooses which articles will make it into the HR Daily, assessing them based on their quality, geographical relevance, and how well they fit into current HR trends and hot topics, and we deliver it in our daily email broadcast. An RSS feed for the HR Daily is now available, and can be set up from the following link:

Haven’t taken advantage of Resource Centre yet? Visit it at

Chris Larsen
VP, Marketing and Membership

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