Spolier Alert! 2013 Member Benefit Update

As I’ve pointed out in previous posts, we are always on the look-out for member benefits that will provide value to the greatest number of members and be generally available to most, if not all, members across the province.

For 2013, we’re looking at adding a few and making others even better, beginning with GoodLife Fitness. Beginning December 1st, annual GoodLife memberships will cost just $400. Whether you are new to GoodLife or you are an existing GoodLife member, you can take advantage of this special rate now by logging in to the HRPA website and going to the GoodLife page.

If you are a young HRPA member—a student or just starting out your professional career—HRPA will have Career Centre, a partnership with Career Joy, which will provide free live and on-demand webinars on starting your HR career and taking it to the next level. There will be will be free services via Skype to review of your resume and provide advice for making the most of your job interview. We’ll publish more details about Career Centre, including how to register, in the next couple months.

Leadership development and team building rank high on the list of responsibilities of many HR professionals. Skyline Hotels and Resorts—which represents Deerhurst and Horseshoe Valley Resorts, as well as Pantages, Cosmopolitan and King Edward hotels in Toronto—has created an experiential brand called SkyLife which focuses not so much on the stay as the experiences that make up the stay at their various properties: activities that include OGO, treetop trekking, mountain biking, ziplining, euro bungy, dog sledding, Yamaha and Hummer tours, snowmobiling, horseback riding, skiing, etc., not to mention dining, shopping or spas. In 2013 HRPA and SkyLife will be offering HRPA members and their organizations preferred access to these properties and experiences. Watch for more information in upcoming email. Planning a 2013 team building retreat now? Contact me for more information.

There’s more exciting news to come, but we’re still dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. As soon as possible, we’ll let you know. But I promise you, 2013 will be an exciting year for HRPA member benefits.

Chris Larsen, VP Marketing and Membership
(416) 923-2324 x335

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