The holiday season is here and amidst all the hustle and bustle (and eating) that brings, I thought it appropriate to reflect on this word: community. To me it’s about individuals coming together with a common purpose; it links us together and makes us stronger. Human resource professionals know all about community. It’s part of your job to build alignment and understanding of an organization’s culture, to ensure people are performing and focused on a company’s mission, vision and values. It is by working together that we achieve great things. I’m grateful to the various communities that make up my world: my family and friends, my association and its membership and volunteers, and my co-workers.

Interestingly enough, community is also an unsung theme of our upcoming Annual Conference and Trade Show where we talk about how human resources is the sum of its parts and how different elements connect to the business to create prosperous organizations and successful careers.

Peace and joy,


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