Member priorities: what you told us in the 2013 member survey

The annual member satisfaction survey is the best way to benchmark the performance of the association and its chapters for the previous twelve months. And if staff and chapter volunteers are doing their jobs well, our scores should continually improve. And for many chapters and many segments of the membership, that’s true. But we can still do better.

In the 2013 member survey, CHRP candidates, students and Allied Professional members tended to rate the performance of the association and chapters lower than General, Practitioner and CHRP members. There were local exceptions, of course, but in aggregate the feeling is that we aren’t creating sufficient professional development, mentoring and volunteering opportunities for these members.  We will be working with the chapters to help ensure that greater attention is paid to these concerns going forward.

Concern about the cost of association and chapter membership, event and professional development fees remains top of mind.  We are sensitive to concerns about cost. First for many years we have tied membership fee changes to the rate of inflation. There is a chart on the HRPA website that illustrates that while HRPA may not the least expensive professional association to belong to, it is among the least expensive, ranking as the 32nd least expensive of 37 professions benchmarked.  And we want to keep it that way. We are looking at other innovative ways on lowering costs. See “PD Broadcasts” below.

There was also the concern that members in the GTA receive higher levels of service and value because they have greater access to HRPA’s Learning Centre for continuing professional development. For 2013 and going forward, we are attempting to address accessibility by making learning centre programming available by interactive PD Broadcasts; and we are addressing the concern over cost by providing access to these broadcasts to chapters at a group price so they can build events around the content at a cost that is a fraction of the single user price.  Ask your chapter about these PD broadcast-based events.

There were also concerns expressed regarding the location, timing, format and content of chapter meetings and so we will be working with chapter volunteers try to better address these concerns.

Some of the more frequently mentioned professional development topics included: AODA, updates on HR best practices, change management, compensation, employment/labour law updates, global HR, gaining management buy-in (on a host of different issues), succession planning, talent management, and coaching skills. Generally, the feeling was to present programming in the form of deeper dives with more detail on more narrower topics.  Have a different hot topic you’d like to add? Let me know about it.

While it was only mentioned by two members, one topic that caught my attention as a marketing person was “how to use infographics to better communicate HR data”. That’s a course I’d like to attend.

I want to thank the 2,236 members who took part in some or all of the survey.  The time you spent on it shows and we value your input.

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