How does HR Information Service benefit HRPA members, especially consultants?

“How does the “HR Information Service” benefit HRPA’s members, especially self-employed human resources consultants?” This is a question that was recently asked by an HRPA member and self-employed HR consultant.

The short answer is that the service is intended to make small business more aware of the role of HR, the Association, the CHRP designation and the value an HRPA member consultant can bring to their organization.

The longer answer is that 98% of Ontario businesses employ fewer than 100 employees and 87% of businesses employ fewer than 20 employees. This means that the vast majority of employers have no HR staff and cannot be counted upon to understand or appreciate the contribution a trained HR professional can make to their organization. Just as importantly, it also means that one of the objects of HRPA—to protect the interest of the working public—is not being met as effectively as it could be.

The HR Information Service subscription provides small business with quick answers to HR questions, sample HR policies and forms as an informed alternative to a Google search. It is intended to increase awareness of the role of HRPA and the value of a regulated human resources profession.

HRPA members benefit in three ways:

  • first, a small business operator who is better informed about the role of HR is more likely to consume HR services, creating incremental career opportunities for HRPA members;
  • second, since only experienced CHRPs staff the Hotline service, all callers are immediately acquainted with the Certified Human Resources Professional designation and the value CHRP practitioners bring to the workplace; and,
  • third, since the service is not intended to substitute for, or compete with, HR consulting services, each call creates the opportunity to increase business opportunities for HRPA members who provide such services.

It is important to note that when a subscriber is referred to the HR Hotline with a question, they must acknowledge that the Hotline is not a substitute for legal and/or HR consulting services. If their question is one that requires the services of a consultant, they are referred to the HR Vendors Guide on the HRPA website and listings in the HR Vendors Guide are free for all HR consultants who are HRPA members.

The employer benefits, their employees benefit, HRPA members benefit, and HR consultants benefit. It’s a win-win-win-win proposition.

Chris Larsen, VP Marketing and Membership

2 thoughts on “How does HR Information Service benefit HRPA members, especially consultants?

  1. Well, HR information service is a great and reliable way to get all the information and tips for HR related issues as well as get update for any new policies or change in any rules regarding HR.

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