HRPA’s social media outreach to members and the public

Social media is now a major component of HRPA’s communications outreach to both members and non-members. Besides HR Professional magazine, our website ( and our HR Daily and 360 email communications, HRPA regularly uses several social media platforms to communicate news, opinion and HR thought leadership; provide member support; increase member career opportunities; and engage in conversation with our members. And now you can find us on Facebook.

If you haven’t already, HRPA invites you to join us online on:

Social media provides a powerful forum where members can connect with the Association, other members and the broader community to share, discuss and debate HR challenges, news and commentary. Between HRPA, its chapters, and our online social media community, the Association provides you with a professional home that connects you with thousands of members from across the province.

Join us online today. And, please, Like us on Facebook.

Chris Larsen, VP Marketing and Membership
E P 416-923-2324 x335

2 thoughts on “HRPA’s social media outreach to members and the public

  1. Social media and professional networks like LinkedIn are playing a great role in getting the right employees for a company and most of the company HR’s utilizing these networks and it is really a challenge for the job portals.

    • HRPA runs the Hire Authority job board–a specialty job board just for HR. While we’ve seen some erosion due to growing use of social media, specialty job boards because they have the ability to concentrate supply and demand for a specific profession, e.g. accounting, engineering, or HR, have not been as challenged as general purpose job boards. The trick now is to do a better job integrating Hire Authority with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. That’s our next priority.

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