Harold Jeepers and the IASR

The first Accessibility Standard for Customer Service was passed in 2008. The remaining four standards (Employment, Information and Communications, Transportation, and Design of Public Spaces) were rolled into one regulation called the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR). The IASR also includes these general requirements that apply to all four Standards in the regulation: accessibility plans, accessibility policies, training, accessibility criteria in procurement, and accessibility features in self-service kiosks.

The Employment Standard makes accessibility in organizations a regular part of finding, hiring, supporting and communicating with employees who have disabilities. The Information and Communications Standard will help Ontario businesses and organizations make their information accessible for people with disabilities.

Click to view Harold Jeepers videosUnderstanding an employer’s duty to accommodate or what constitutes accessible communications doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. HRPA has made it easy to understand and simple to execute through The Harold Jeepers’ video series available on the HRPATV YouTube Channel. We introduced Harold to the world last year through the first six videos—Accommodation Plans, Redeployment Plans, Communication Supports, Emergency Response, Recruitment Selection and Return to Work. The collected works available in English and French with closed captions and descriptive audio, enjoyed close to 100,000 views. Several schools have integrated them into their HR curricula.

Today, we are reintroducing Harold in five new videos as he explains information and communication supports, accessible websites, multi-year accessibility plans–and debunks myths about people with disabilities in the workplace. The episodes include Accessible Formats and Communication, Auditing Websites for Accessibility, Developing an Accessible Website, Developing a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan, Accessibility Myths vs. Reality—again, in English, French, with closed captions and descriptive audio. 250 DVD sets of all eleven videos are being made available to HR faculty in post-secondary institutions across Ontario.

The series also includes CHANNELS, a companion guide to the videos that provides information about the Employment Standard and the Information and Communications Standard that employers can use to build awareness with their managers and other staff.

The Adventures of Harold Jeepers episodes and CHANNELS are produced by HRPA as part of an EnAbling Change Program with the Government of Ontario.

One thought on “Harold Jeepers and the IASR

  1. Harold Jeepers videos are really explained well about all the topics like Accommodation Plans, Redeployment Plans, Communication Supports, Emergency Response, Recruitment Selection. Specially I liked the points mentioned for recruitment selection.

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