HRPA Social Media Update

HRPA is committed to the use of social media to engage membership and inform the public and our stakeholders are taking notice. The fresh approach we took to email in 2012—reducing the volume of email we send by 70%, theming each day’s messages and adding the popular HR Daily—has resulted in an increase in open rates of 111%. Our Twitter account—@HRPA—now has over 5,000 followers; our YouTube channel—HRPATV—has surpassed 100,000 downloads; and our recently launched Facebook page has more than 500 likes. My HRPA, the mobile app launched in 2013, has over 2,000 downloads already. Perhaps most significantly, our HRPA LinkedIn community has surpassed 10,000 subscribers. In fact the LinkedIn community has been so successful, it has sucked most of the energy out of our internal social network, Water Cooler.

Water Cooler was launched in 2011 as a means for members to create ad hoc private discussion groups. In other words it wasn’t intended to compete with LinkedIn, its purpose was to complement LinkedIn. Unfortunately, the ability for members to self-administer such private discussion groups never materialized and centralized group administration is inefficient and time consuming.

Like LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube, Water Cooler is essentially a cloud application but one intended for intranets. To its customers it’s known as Speechbobble. Its developers—Socialabra—have guided the evolution of the application to address the list of functional requirements demanded by the majority of its customers and unfortunately for us the requirement for ad hoc private discussion groups has thus far not registered high on this list.

We continue to have discussions with Socialabra about the future of Speechbobble—it’s a great, highly stable, platform—and at some point I can envision using it again for other applications, learning management, for instance (and maybe, one day, for ad hoc private discussion groups). But for the time being anyway, we will take Water Cooler off line. Current Water Cooler users will be encouraged to post their comments and questions on the HRPA LinkedIn community.

Got an idea for a social media application you think would benefit HRPA members? I’d like to hear about it.

Chris Larsen
VP, Marketing, Membership & Professional Development

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