Why the HRPA Member Satisfaction Survey matters

If you have already completed the 2014 Member Satisfaction Survey, you have our thanks and you can stop reading now. If you haven’t yet completed the survey, or don’t think your opinion matters, please read on.

We are truly committed to enriching your experience as an HRPA member. The annual survey is association best practice and a very useful tool for this purpose. We ask you how you feel today about the Association, about your Chapter, about the profession, about our programs and services. And we use it so we can do a better job as your association. Here’s what we do with that information:

We create cross tabs of your responses by Chapter, by your level of experience and seniority, etc., and we share that information with your local Chapter so they can integrate what you tell us into their programming. Similarly, we use that information when planning our professional development.

Our Public Affairs team uses your input on the issues that matter most to you to prioritize our lobbying efforts on your behalf.

When you tell us what we should do more of, or less of, start or stop doing, we turn those instructions into actions. For instance,

  • Thanks you your feedback, we reduced email traffic by 70% since 2012 and increased email open rates by almost 40%;
  • You told us that you wished HRPA would make it easier for members across the province to access the kinds of professional development experiences we offer through the learning centre in Toronto, so we added HR broadcasts to our line-up of professional development events, and looking ahead we’re exploring the potential for regional conferences;
  • CHRP Candidate members told us they were having a tough time getting their first job in HR, so we introduced the HRPA Edge paid internship program—and because you told us the compensation for these internships was too low, we recently increased it by over 30%;
  • And because a great number of members with less than 6 years’ experience told us they would benefit from more mentoring, we introduced tools that have allowed a 700% expansion of Chapter mentoring opportunities since 2011.

We also use it to annually benchmark Association and Chapter performance. For instance, association staff and volunteers work hard to increase your satisfaction rating. And, again, we use cross tabs to identify which membership groups are less satisfied and work especially hard to do a better job satisfying them.

So participating in the annual member survey really does matter. And this year we have eliminated some questions and modified the questionnaire’s logic so the average completion time, with nearly 800 completed so far, has been reduced to 23 minutes. So *please*, participate in the 2014 survey.

Draw for 20 Free Memberships

To sweeten the pot, after the close of the survey we’ll draw 20 names at random for free 2014-2015 HRPA memberships from survey respondents who enter the draw. The name and email fields are coded such that this information is not captured for analysis, so even when you enter the draw, your survey responses are anonymous. And you don’t have to enter the draw if you don’t want to.

If you are one of the 20 winners and you have already renewed your membership, your fees will be reimbursed. The draw will be held on May 12th. Winners will be contacted by email.

The survey closes Wednesday, May 7th, 2014.  So click on the link in the email that was sent to you on April 9th, or use this link to participate: https://hrpa.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_40BNlH766xlumJT

And thank you for reading.

Chris Larsen,
VP, Marketing, Membership & Professional Development
clarsen@hrpa.ca, (416) 923-2324 x335

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