CEO Message – April 2015

HRPA’s new focus on HR inspiration

After several years building the foundation to support the HR professBill Greenhalghion, HRPA’s new direction will focus on the “inspirational”—strategies and plans to ensure everyone knows and understands both the true value that HR Professionals add to organizations and the ways in which being a member of HRPA works to protect the public.

That was the general consensus of last month’s HRPA board retreat that discussed the Association’s strategic direction for the next few years.

HRPA’s past two Strategic Plans set the stage for where we are today.

The first was foundational—getting the basics rights in terms of engaged employees, strong financials, committed volunteers, and integrating the chapters and Association into a single family with a common goal.

The next Strategic Plan was both aspirational and transformational and involved getting the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013 in place to cement HRPA’s role as regulator of the HR profession in Ontario; creating a new HR competency framework based on an updated body of HR knowledge that reflects today’s HR needs; and designations that validate not only the necessary knowledge but, as in other top tier professions including law or engineering, the ability to apply it.

With both these former Strategic Plans underpinning a fundamental shift in HRPA’s role, our new strategic direction has to be inspirational: Ensuring everyone–HR professionals, government, business and the public—understands that HR is a genuine profession with unique skills and capabilities that bring value to organizations through people strategies.

While we are still working on a formal strategy document, you can be sure that it will be around the whole area of HR “professionalization”.

One of the key characteristics of a top line profession is the reliance on a common body of knowledge that is largely applicable worldwide and the major professions have worked tirelessly over decades to develop this. In HR, a younger profession than most, our world has evolved in the last few years, what is expected from us has changed dramatically and while we have made a good start in defining what being an HR professional really means, the coming years will be critical in shaping it.

Today, we have a body of knowledge for the profession, and we have built that as part of our new competency framework. From this foundation we will reinforce the understanding that our profession involves specific and unique skills that add value to organizations and that they  require the expertise and training of certified professionals.


Bill Greenhalgh

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