CEO Message – February 2016

A look ahead at 2016

Bill GreenhalghWe started 2016 with a hugely successful Annual Conference and we now turn our attention to the Association’s objectives for the rest of the year and beyond.

We have some exciting challenges ahead as we consolidate the gains from last year in membership services, our new designations and influence. With our new Strategic plan, our main focus will be on ensuring everyone—CEOs, business partners, employees and the public–understands the true value that designated HR Professionals add to organizations.

The new economy will depend on people and talent for competitive advantage and creating organizations that thrive in this environment will require smart professionals with credible HR designations like the CHRP, CHRL and CHRE.

New designations

It’s been one year since we introduced these new designations, and HRPA members, academia and organizations have completely embraced this new framework.

HRPA’s membership rolls have jumped six per cent (with member retention climbing to 91 %) since we launched the designations just over a year ago.  As of the close of the 2015 fiscal year, HRPA now has 22,262 members, our member satisfaction stands at 4.5 and the numbers of designated HR professionals among the membership is close to 14,000.

It’s clear members appreciate designations that validate capability at different levels.

And so do our other stakeholders and partners.

The academic community likes the clarity these new designations bring to their curricula development. HR students graduating from colleges without a degree can take their diploma, write the CKE and practice at the CHRP level.

And universities like the precision of the new competency model because it’s well defined and spells out what HR professionals need to know and do—and schools are now changing their programs to fit with the framework.

The reaction from the business community has been equally encouraging. We surveyed senior business leaders asking them how the new framework and designations would affect their view of HR – over 56% answered “Very Favourably.”

Changing attitudes

This change in perception among CEOs and non-HR executives is especially good news and augers well for our goal of ending the faulty notion that “anyone can do HR.”

We’re aiming for the day when businesses look solely to veteran HR professionals to fill their Chief HR Officer positions—when all CEOs know that true value-adding HR expertise comes only from the experience, education and designations held by career HR professionals.

So how will HRPA accomplish this?

It all revolves around a virtuous circle made up of our updated body of HR knowledge, competency model and designations:

  • A great competency model based on a future-proofed body of knowledge leads to excellent designations
  • Great designations validate HR “professionalism”
  • And professionalism leads to a better awareness of the value that Human Resources brings to organizations, and so, enhanced career opportunities for HR professionals

Continuing Professional Development self-assessment tool

And while HRPA works to build and promote the professionalism of the HR profession, we’ve made it easier for members to build and grow their careers with the introduction of our new Continuing Professional Development self-assessment tool.

This new online tool uses the HRPA professional competency framework to assess your current knowledge and skills. It then pinpoints the continuing professional development you need to develop your capabilities.

From this 30-minute assessment, the tool provides a fully customized, individual development plan to help you prioritize your professional development.

If you’re working towards your CHRP or CHRL designations, the tool also lets you evaluate yourself against designation benchmarks.

Click here to learn more and take the self-assessment >>

HR: 2016 and beyond

The HR profession is at the threshold of important change.

What we now need to do is persuade and educate others that HR is a true profession. We have made huge strides but there is much work still to be done, and it’s going to take the combined efforts of HRPA, and HR professionals themselves, to accomplish that.

But, we have a lot in our corner.

Today’s business challenges require HR strategy and execution and really demand the skills and knowledge of HR professionals to deal with them effectively.

The professional work of a Certified Human Resources Professional, Certified Human Resources Leader or a Certified Human Resources Executive is ultimately the best marketing tool we have to bring attitudes about our profession in line with our new capability.

Best regards,

Bill Greenhalgh

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