CEO Message – March 2016

HRPA strategy chapter tour

Bill GreenhalghOver the next few months, HRPA senior managers will be reaching out to chapters, either in-person or via webinar, to present on the Association’s new 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. See below for a listing of dates and locations.

In the last few years, and over the past two strategic plans, we have built an excellent foundation for HRPA’s future based on highly engaged volunteers and staff; best in class member retention; new designations built on a comprehensive competency model; upgraded governance processes and a brand-new Act that better protects the public and that reflects modern organizations and workplaces.

HRPA is now established as the regulator of the profession in Ontario and we are seen as a credible contributor to government policy in areas of interest to our members.

Building on all these developments, our new strategy focuses on the profession as a whole, dealing with a rapidly changing world driven by globalization, demographics, technology and the evolving expectations of the role HR professionals should fill.

The single biggest challenge our profession faces is the perception that “anyone can do HR”. Recent trends suggest that some companies are increasingly seeking executives from outside the profession, with limited HR experience, to fill the role of their Chief Human Resource Officer. We need to ensure that HR is increasingly seen as a true top level profession; that organizations better understand the essential role that only validated HR professionals can bring; and the unique value that they add.

Our strategies for the next few years revolve around four core areas:

  1. Reinforcing HRPA as protector of the public and regulator of the HR profession by enhancing our role as a trusted partner of policymakers in areas that are of interest to our members; ensuring that we lead in thinking and practice in the regulatory arena; and promoting membership in HRPA to everyone in the HR profession in Ontario thereby ensuring all HR practitioners are subject to our Rules of Professional Conduct;
  2. Upgrading our governance processes, how we deliver member value and our programs to support volunteers to advance our role as leader in association effectiveness and efficiency;
  3. Promoting the principle that HR is a primary profession with a core global body of knowledge where membership in HRPA authenticates an individual as an accredited Human Resources professional; and
  4. Building on our designations and competency framework to validate the capability that our members bring to organizations and the quantifiable value that they add.

On behalf of HRPA’s senior management team, I welcome you to attend these in-person or online information sessions and to ask questions and comment on HRPA’s new direction and to provide input into how we can achieve these objectives together.

Strategy webinar

For all chapters not listed below and for all HRPA members who wish attend online, I will be hosting two live webinars on HRPA’s new strategy: April 12th @12PM or May 3rd @6PM. We will send out a registration link to these webinars in the next couple of weeks.

Chapter visits schedule

Chapter visit Date & Time
Quinte May date TBD
Ottawa May date TBD
Peterborough Wednesday, April 27th, @5:30pm
Durham May date TBD
Barrie Tuesday, April 19th @6PM
Halton Tuesday, April 12th @6PM
Northeastern Ontario Tuesday, May 3rd @9:15AM
Peel Wednesday, April 6th @6PM
Toronto Tuesday, March 8th @6:30PM
West Toronto Wednesday April 20th @6pm
York Region Wednesday April 6th @7:45AM
Grand Valley Tuesday, February 23rd @5:30 PM
Guelph and District May 12 ABM @5:30PM
Hamilton Wednesday, April 13th @ 6PM
London and District May 2nd @5:30PM
Niagara Thursday, May 26th @7PM
Windsor and District Thursday, March 31st @8 AM

Best regards,

Bill Greenhalgh

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