CEO Message – April 2016

Thank you HRPA volunteers

Bill Greenhalgh

This week is National Volunteer Week—a time to celebrate and thank Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers. According to research by Volunteer Canada, most volunteers prefer a genuine thank you for their efforts—simple, sincere words that highlight the impact of a volunteer’s contributions.

So with that in mind, to HRPA’s 1200+ member volunteers: Thank you.

To ensure our members get the most out of their volunteer experience, HRPA is launching iVolunteer—a new Volunteer Management System that allows members and registrants to view and search all HRPA volunteer opportunities and establishes a simple and consistent approach to volunteer recruitment across the province. Read more about this below.

Volunteering at HRPA is a rewarding and fun experience. Volunteers are critical to achieving the Association’s mandate and its continued success. With the expertise and involvement of volunteers we promote and protect the public interest by governing and regulating the practice, competence and professional conduct of members and firms. We establish, maintain and develop standards of qualification, practice, professional ethics, knowledge, skill and proficiency.

Volunteers also create awareness of workplace issues, promote excellence in human resources management practices, and provide services that support the HR community.

HRPA members are involved in a variety of volunteer service opportunities including charting the direction for the Association and the profession by serving on HRPA’s Board of Directors. Volunteers help regulate the profession through the work of our Statutory and Standing Committees and support the HR community through local chapters and committees as well as professional development and conference design and support.

We could not accomplish our mandate without committed and engaged volunteers.

HRPA members volunteer at different times in their careers for different reasons: student members volunteer to build their networks and learn about different HR career options; new professionals volunteer to learn new skills and meet potential job contacts; mid-career professionals volunteer to build leadership skills; and senior professionals volunteer to mentor the young, give back to the profession and help guide the Association.

iVolunteer Volunteer Management System

Based on HRPA’s  Volunteer Management Program,  which takes a systematic approach around volunteer planning, recruiting, onboarding, assessment and recognition to achieve volunteer success, the new online Volunteer Management System will make it easier to define roles, post volunteer positions, track participation and reward engagement.

Visit HRPA’s new Volunteer Management System to complete your volunteer profile and browse opportunities


The page will also host future online volunteer discussion communities—private forums where members can learn, share and collaborate within their community; plus access private libraries to find important documents and meeting materials. Communities are currently in beta testing with small test groups, volunteers will be notified when we roll out specific communities for their areas.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on what you would like to see included in this system, please contact us at

Again, on behalf of HRPA, our members and the profession, thank you to all our volunteers for your time and effort.


Best regards,

Bill Greenhalgh

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