CEO Message – August 2016

CPD Self-Assessment Tool shows value of CHRP/CHRL designations

Bill GreenhalghThree years after launching the CHRP, CHRL and CHRE designations, HRPA now has clear evidence of the quantifiable value of holding these certifications over non-designation HR practitioners.

The evidence comes from preliminary results of HRPA’s new CPD Self-Assessment tool—our new benchmarking tool that lets HR professionals measure their current HR competence against their peers. And while it’s still early days for the tool (only 5% of HRPA members have completed the benchmark analysis), the initial results are clear: Based on 1,222 member responses and 82 non-member responses, HRPA members outscore non-members by 10% on average, especially in areas like Strategy, Labour & Employee Relations, and HR Metrics in terms of their confidence in their current skills levels.


Based on 235 completed benchmarks, we can see the stratification we would expect based on designation and experience, with CHRPs outscoring non-designated practitioners by 25% on average and in every core competency; and CHRLs outscoring CHRPs by 5% on average and in 7 of the nine domains.


Obviously the sample sizes are too small to really accurately measure benchmark scores between designated HRPA-member HR professionals and non-members, but it is part of our strategic plan to aggressively market the CHRP, CHRL and CHRE designations and the quantifiable HR value they provide both to organizational results and protection of the public interest.

With that in mind, we strongly encourage the 90% of HRPA members who have not yet utilized the CPD Self-Assessment tools to do so. Not only are they hugely beneficial to your career development, but when you add your data you are helping us promote the profession—and HRPA designations—as a whole.

Do your part for HRPA and the profession: Complete your CPD Self-Assessment today and help us show the value of your CHRP, CHRL and CHRE designations >>

2016 HR Trends Survey

To help HRPA members and HR professionals understand how their HR practices stack up against others across the HRPA membership, the Association’s research team recently released its annual HR Trends Survey, examining benchmarks around vacations, time off, recruitment, training & development, turnover and more.

The data is also industry specific, with benchmarks cross-referenced by sector, including public, private, manufacturing, retail, financial, government, health, agriculture, extraction, engineering and energy.

New this year is detailed HR compensation data across different HR roles (HR coordinator, HR generalist, HR manager and HR director.)

The survey is available free to HRPA members and to get your copy please request it from HRPA Reference Librarian Jeff Smith:

The survey is available for purchase for non-HRPA members for $200. Please contact Jeff Smith to purchase.

Best regards,

Bill Greenhalgh

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