CEO Message – September 2016

Delivering digital

Bill GreenhalghIt’s no secret that the business world is undergoing a dramatic digital shift, and the pace of technological change will only continue to intensify. The world has become wireless, instantaneous and borderless; convenience, connection and community are the watchwords of the day.

Convenience, connection, community. Those are three words that not only describe the needs and values of a high-tech business world; they also apply to our mission here at HRPA as we strive to provide our members with the best possible value for their membership. We’ve seen how these technological changes have impacted our members, and we are committed to working on the front lines of the digital shift to provide the best possible value.

In June, we launched our newly redesigned website, The new site features a clean, responsive design, optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile use, and it’s easier to navigate and more user-friendly. With member experience in mind, we dug into the traffic data to ensure that the most-referenced content is no more than two clicks away.

June also saw the redesign of HRPA’s online platform Hire Authority. As Canada’s top HR job board, Hire Authority provides an easy, user-friendly channel for our members to connect with employers.

But those are not the only digitally-oriented changes in the pipeline. Beginning in 2017, HRPA’s examinations will be paperless, offering members the convenience and flexibility to write exams online. Members will no longer have to go to a specific location – and perhaps drive a couple of hours to do so – in order to write exams.

The ultimate goal – which feeds into a core part of our strategy – is to make exams so flexible that members can write the exams anytime, anywhere, and have it proctored right then and there.

Another exciting change in the works is the development of our new digital-only version of HR Professional magazine. Next year, HR Professional will evolve into a digital publication that our readers can access across devices. Coupled with the new digital platform will come a deeper and more robust slate of the top-tier content, insight and thought leadership that our members have come to expect.

Providing our members with full-featured digital platforms isn’t just about convenience – though that is, of course, an important consideration. Going digital is also about aligning ourselves with the best practices of socially responsible organizations that strive to make the best decisions for the communities and environments they are a part of. While we already made use of recycled paper to publish HR Professional, we’re now taking that green initiative one step further by moving to a fully paperless platform.

Some of the other innovative digital offerings HRPA has in place for members include the CPD Skills Assessment tool – you can pay a visit at The tool is a convenient, timely way to benchmark your current skills, discover potential areas for development, and take your HR career to the next level. There’s also our online volunteer portal, with which you can quickly and easily find volunteer opportunities. You can visit our iVolunteer portal at The portal makes it easy for members to connect with career-boosting volunteer opportunities at the click of a button.

It’s important for us as a professional association to keep pace with the leading practices of top-tier organizations, and providing a full-featured digital experience is an essential part of that. But first and foremost, our digital evolution is about enhancing our valued relationship with each and every one of our members. We want to deliver convenience, create connection and build community – and every step we take in that regard is taken with our members in mind.

Best regards,

Bill Greenhalgh

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