CEO Message – January 2017

Choose your own adventure

Bill GreenhalghIt’s that time of the year again for HRPA – the hustle and bustle of the holidays may be over, but the excitement of another great Annual Conference & Trade Show is just beginning.

As always, I’m looking forward to sharing a world-class conference experience with our members – but I’m particularly pleased with the offerings HRPA has in store for you this year as we celebrate 75 years of the Annual Conference & Trade Show.

The conference is always a highly interactive, flexible experience that our attendees can essentially design for themselves, creating a personalized schedule with nine outstanding keynotes (more than any other conference in the world) and over 100 sessions to choose from. But this year, the conference will be even more interactive, with more opportunity than ever for attendees to get involved.

Claude Balthazard, VP Regulatory Affairs and Registrar at HRPA will be conducting five focus groups with attendees who want to share any thoughts about HRPA’s role as a professional regulator. The sessions will be one hour in length and will be highly interactive, but they are limited to 10 participants per session. You can register to participate in a focus group via the regular registration process.

The HRPA Mobile Conference app is another way to tailor your conference experience – available for IOS, Andriod, Windows and Blackberry platforms, the app offers an interactive floor plan, session and speaker information and allows you to bookmark Trade Show exhibitors.

The mobile app experience will be even better this year with the launch of #ACGames, our app-based contest for conference attendees. The contest is based on a points system where attendees will accumulate points throughout the registration and event period. The attendee who receives the highest total points in the game will win our Grand Prize, while the runners up will be able to pick donated exhibitor prizes via our Prize Draft.

This also marks the first year that our magazine, HR Professional, is publishing a special issue dedicated solely to the Annual Conference & Trade Show. You’ll be able to pick up a print copy of the conference issue – the only print issue for the year – as well as explore the new digital-only HR Professional at a dedicated kiosk at the HRPA booth.

For senior executives, we’ll be offering three intimate dinner presentations with keynote speakers, during which you’ll be able to connect with a small group of senior-level peers while exchanging thought leadership and discourse on some of the most pressing issues of the day. Executives can register for the dinners at this link.

If you’re as excited as we are about the exemplary conference speakers and exhibitors, you can learn about them on the Conference website through our new blog series, In Profile, and our video series, AC Speakers Corner and Trade Show Check-In.

If you haven’t registered for the Annual Conference yet, there are only a couple weeks left to do so – it promises to be a year to remember.

We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

Bill Greenhalgh

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