CEO Message – February 2017

Celebrating the CHRP

Bill GreenhalghHRPA has just finished celebrating 75 years of our Annual Conference & Trade Show, during what was arguably our best conference to date. This event is an integral part of our history and one of the longest-standing benefits we have to offer our members.

As we wrap up those celebrations, my mind turns to another of our most integral offerings: our designations.

As most of you know, HRPA’s three-tiered designations – the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP), the Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) and the Certified Human Resources Executive (CHRE) – offer HR professionals the opportunity to demonstrate their rigorous study, their competence and their professionalism to employers and peers in just four letters. Those acronyms are shorthand for the dedication, professionalism, deep knowledge base and unwavering commitment to ethics that is the standard our designation holders are held to and they are the only designations in Canada that truly validate the capability of HR professionals at all levels in organizations. In repeated surveys, top business executives report that their confidence in the contribution of HR to business results has increased by more than 60% because of our laddered certification framework.”

The CHRP in particular is the longest-standing HR designation in the country, and its brand recognition is unparalleled.

In 2014, when HRPA was conducting research around our new three-tiered designations, we engaged in an extensive member consultation. Our members were adamant that we retain the CHRP and its brand equity. They told us what they wanted – and we listened.

Now, HRPA is the only association granting the CHRP designation, and we offer it nationally. HRPA has no residency requirement for designation holders, so you can earn and use your CHRP anywhere. You are authorized by HRPA to use it wherever you happen to reside (with the sole caveat being that in Quebec, you must also be a member of the Quebec HR association).

HRPA’s designations are based on the world’s most up-to-date competency frameworks, and they are protected both by legislation under the Registered Human Resources Professionals act of 2013 and various trademarks and, in the case of the CHRP, by a Federal Government Official Mark

Our designations aren’t just a nice resume point, however – holding one of HRPA’s designations has tangible, measurable career benefits. According to a PayScale study, HR professionals with these designations not only earn more than non-certified practitioners but are promoted faster, enjoy an expanded choice of career options and enjoy the credibility that being professionally designated brings. And In repeated surveys, top business executives report that their confidence in the contribution of HR to business results has increased by more than 60 per cent because of our laddered certification framework.

We’ve come a long way toward advancing our designations while also preserving and honouring the long and respected history of the CHRP, and its significance to the HR profession. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished together, and I’m so proud of all of our designation holders who continue breathe new life into our valued history.


Kind regards,

Bill Greenhalgh


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