CEO Message – March 2017

Passage of Bill 27

Another step toward professionalizing HR

Bill GreenhalghIt still seems as though the year has barely started, but we’re very happy to report that we at HRPA received some more good news to celebrate last week. We learned last Thursday that Bill 27, or the Burden Reduction Act, has passed through the Ontario Legislature.

We do tend to get excited, perhaps more than most, about legislative changes – but this is a change that is also very exciting for each and every one of our members.

This new legislation removes some unnecessary red tape in relation to our members conducting workplace investigations – a practice that most certainly falls under the expertise of the human resources profession, and will now be accordingly self-regulated under our own bill and exempt from the PSISA (Private Security and Investigative Services Act).

Bill 27 was an omnibus bill that included a number of different and disparate items, but the one we’re celebrating today is an amendment to our Registered Human Resources Professionals Act of 2013.

The act was amended to add the following section:

Workplace investigations

14.1  A member of the Association, who is in good standing, is authorized to conduct, for remuneration, workplace investigations in order to provide information, and section 2 of Ontario Regulation 435/07 made under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 applies.

Essentially, what this means is that Ontario will now allow HRPA members who conduct workplace investigations to be exempt from the PSISA.

This is yet another important step in the professionalization of HR, because we are now entrusted to set our own high standards for the practice of workplace investigations, drawing on the decades of knowledge and experience that we have as a profession, instead of being beholden to red tape or external bodies less with the nuances and challenges of such investigations.

As an added point, HRPA is pleased to offer our members a comprehensive Workplace Investigations Certificate Program, which is an in-depth three-day program that effectively equips human resources professionals with the ability to recognize, investigate and report the findings of crucial workplace investigations.

As a sample of the curriculum covered in the program, please visit this link to view the next scheduled certificate program offered in Toronto. However, the certificate program is also offered in other Chapter locations – please visit our PD Certificate Programs calendar at this link for full details.

For further information and for those interested in viewing the bill in its entirety, please click on the following link:

This legislative change is far from the only marker of success in our work to professionalize HR. A November 2016 Leger 360 survey of 250 business executives, at VP level and above, found that business confidence in HRPA as a regulator is up 74 per cent in light of its Act and its designation frameworks.

It’s all encouraging news – and we hope you are as pleased as we are to celebrate yet another step in our journey of professionalizing the profession.

Kind regards,

Bill Greenhalgh


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