CEO Message – October 2016

Have designations, will travel

Bill GreenhalghYou may have already heard, but HRPA had some exciting news this past month. We’ve made an important stride toward taking our designations and competency framework to the next level: the global level.

In August, I went to Singapore to present our core competency framework to a technical committee (TC260) of the International Standards Organization (ISO).  I presented the framework with a recommendation that ISO should mandate a multinational working group to develop global standards in HR integrating competency frameworks from various countries into a single global framework.

The committee endorsed HRPA’s proposal unanimously, and created a new working group to develop that harmonized framework, for which I was named Chair.

Currently, there are only a handful of countries that have comprehensive and detailed core competency frameworks in HR; these include Australia, the U.S., the UK and HRPA’s in Canada. HRPA’s competency framework is the newest in the world, allowing us to provide our members with the most up-to-date competency framework globally.

Having a global competency framework will help enhance the human resources profession worldwide; create a common basis for education, training and talent selection; and facilitate the mutual recognition of designations between countries, meaning that it will become easier for you to gain valuable international experience with your CHRP, CHRL or CHRE in hand.

However, just as an employer’s recognition of your HR designation reflects the validation of your capability, the ISO’s recognition of HRPA’s competency framework proposal as an initial foundation reflects the validation of all we have worked to achieve these past few years in regards to offering our members the most rigorous and respected designations possible.

The next steps in the process will be for each national standards association to issue a call within their countries for subject matter experts to provide input. The timeline on establishing the framework to completion is estimated at three years.

If you’d like to be involved in this, or any of the other ongoing ISO standards HR projects, the first step is to be accredited by Standards Canada and you can apply via this link.

As always, we welcome the input, expertise and involvement of our members – and it’s an excellent opportunity for you to help shape the future of HR.

Allowing you the freedom and flexibility to leverage the value of your designations wherever your career takes you is a critical endeavor for us. That’s why HRPA built our designations on a foundation of recognition, rigour and respect – a foundation that transcends boundaries.

Kind regards,

Bill Greenhalgh


CEO Message – September 2016

Delivering digital

Bill GreenhalghIt’s no secret that the business world is undergoing a dramatic digital shift, and the pace of technological change will only continue to intensify. The world has become wireless, instantaneous and borderless; convenience, connection and community are the watchwords of the day.

Convenience, connection, community. Those are three words that not only describe the needs and values of a high-tech business world; they also apply to our mission here at HRPA as we strive to provide our members with the best possible value for their membership. We’ve seen how these technological changes have impacted our members, and we are committed to working on the front lines of the digital shift to provide the best possible value.

In June, we launched our newly redesigned website, The new site features a clean, responsive design, optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile use, and it’s easier to navigate and more user-friendly. With member experience in mind, we dug into the traffic data to ensure that the most-referenced content is no more than two clicks away.

June also saw the redesign of HRPA’s online platform Hire Authority. As Canada’s top HR job board, Hire Authority provides an easy, user-friendly channel for our members to connect with employers.

But those are not the only digitally-oriented changes in the pipeline. Beginning in 2017, HRPA’s examinations will be paperless, offering members the convenience and flexibility to write exams online. Members will no longer have to go to a specific location – and perhaps drive a couple of hours to do so – in order to write exams.

The ultimate goal – which feeds into a core part of our strategy – is to make exams so flexible that members can write the exams anytime, anywhere, and have it proctored right then and there.

Another exciting change in the works is the development of our new digital-only version of HR Professional magazine. Next year, HR Professional will evolve into a digital publication that our readers can access across devices. Coupled with the new digital platform will come a deeper and more robust slate of the top-tier content, insight and thought leadership that our members have come to expect.

Providing our members with full-featured digital platforms isn’t just about convenience – though that is, of course, an important consideration. Going digital is also about aligning ourselves with the best practices of socially responsible organizations that strive to make the best decisions for the communities and environments they are a part of. While we already made use of recycled paper to publish HR Professional, we’re now taking that green initiative one step further by moving to a fully paperless platform.

Some of the other innovative digital offerings HRPA has in place for members include the CPD Skills Assessment tool – you can pay a visit at The tool is a convenient, timely way to benchmark your current skills, discover potential areas for development, and take your HR career to the next level. There’s also our online volunteer portal, with which you can quickly and easily find volunteer opportunities. You can visit our iVolunteer portal at The portal makes it easy for members to connect with career-boosting volunteer opportunities at the click of a button.

It’s important for us as a professional association to keep pace with the leading practices of top-tier organizations, and providing a full-featured digital experience is an essential part of that. But first and foremost, our digital evolution is about enhancing our valued relationship with each and every one of our members. We want to deliver convenience, create connection and build community – and every step we take in that regard is taken with our members in mind.

Best regards,

Bill Greenhalgh

CEO Message – August 2016

CPD Self-Assessment Tool shows value of CHRP/CHRL designations

Bill GreenhalghThree years after launching the CHRP, CHRL and CHRE designations, HRPA now has clear evidence of the quantifiable value of holding these certifications over non-designation HR practitioners.

The evidence comes from preliminary results of HRPA’s new CPD Self-Assessment tool—our new benchmarking tool that lets HR professionals measure their current HR competence against their peers. And while it’s still early days for the tool (only 5% of HRPA members have completed the benchmark analysis), the initial results are clear: Based on 1,222 member responses and 82 non-member responses, HRPA members outscore non-members by 10% on average, especially in areas like Strategy, Labour & Employee Relations, and HR Metrics in terms of their confidence in their current skills levels.


Based on 235 completed benchmarks, we can see the stratification we would expect based on designation and experience, with CHRPs outscoring non-designated practitioners by 25% on average and in every core competency; and CHRLs outscoring CHRPs by 5% on average and in 7 of the nine domains.


Obviously the sample sizes are too small to really accurately measure benchmark scores between designated HRPA-member HR professionals and non-members, but it is part of our strategic plan to aggressively market the CHRP, CHRL and CHRE designations and the quantifiable HR value they provide both to organizational results and protection of the public interest.

With that in mind, we strongly encourage the 90% of HRPA members who have not yet utilized the CPD Self-Assessment tools to do so. Not only are they hugely beneficial to your career development, but when you add your data you are helping us promote the profession—and HRPA designations—as a whole.

Do your part for HRPA and the profession: Complete your CPD Self-Assessment today and help us show the value of your CHRP, CHRL and CHRE designations >>

2016 HR Trends Survey

To help HRPA members and HR professionals understand how their HR practices stack up against others across the HRPA membership, the Association’s research team recently released its annual HR Trends Survey, examining benchmarks around vacations, time off, recruitment, training & development, turnover and more.

The data is also industry specific, with benchmarks cross-referenced by sector, including public, private, manufacturing, retail, financial, government, health, agriculture, extraction, engineering and energy.

New this year is detailed HR compensation data across different HR roles (HR coordinator, HR generalist, HR manager and HR director.)

The survey is available free to HRPA members and to get your copy please request it from HRPA Reference Librarian Jeff Smith:

The survey is available for purchase for non-HRPA members for $200. Please contact Jeff Smith to purchase.

Best regards,

Bill Greenhalgh

CEO Message – July 2016

SBill Greenhalgheeking nominations for the 2016 HRPA Volunteer Excellence Awards

Do you know an HRPA volunteer who deserves to be recognized?

Nominate them for HRPA’s 2016 Volunteer Awards—our annual awards program that shines a light on volunteer excellence, honours recipients, and recognizes contributions to the profession, successful workplaces, the Association and its chapters and the elevation of the practice of Human Resources management.

HRPA is looking for nominations for members who have demonstrated excellence through their dedication to volunteering during the past year: academics who have gone above and beyond to make exceptional contributions to the HR profession; volunteers who constantly propel the Association forward; and individuals who help to promote the HR profession in their communities.

HRPA members are involved in a variety of volunteer opportunities, including charting the direction for the Association and the profession, by regulating the profession through the work of our Statutory and Standing Committees and supporting the HR community through local chapters and committees as well as steering professional development and conference design and support.

HRPA’s mission is to set the standards of learning, competence and conduct for members to enhance the standing of the human resources profession while protecting the public.  We could not do that without committed and engaged volunteers. HRPA relies on volunteers to achieve its strategic objectives.

Let’s honour the 1000+ HRPA volunteers that make this happen.

Learn more and submit your nomination for the 2016 HRPA Volunteer Excellence Awards today.

HRPA volunteers are also invited to nominate themselves. Deadline to apply or nominate is October 31, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

Seeking volunteers for Global harmonized HR competency framework

And speaking of volunteers doing great work on behalf of the profession, HRPA is currently seeking volunteers to sit on a new Standards Canada committee (of which I’ve been appointed chair) which will work to help create a global agreement on a harmonized HR competency framework—similar to HRPA’s new competency framework.

HRPA recently received approval from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to set up a working group for a global harmonized framework. Such a global framework is key to professionalizing the HR profession around the world, including exchangeable, valued and credible designations based on a global body of standardized HR knowledge that this group will seek to create.

If you’re interested in volunteering on this committee or would like to view HRPA’s full list of volunteer opportunities please click here.

Best regards,

Bill Greenhalgh

CEO Message – June 2016

Bill GreenhalghHR thought leaders at 2017 Annual Conference and new HRPA websites

I’m pleased to tell you that we’re featuring two world renowned, HR thought leaders at next year’s HRPA annual conference: John Boudreau and Jeffrey Pfeffer. They will not only feature as keynote speakers but each has agreed to meet with a small group of senior HR executives at exclusive dinners during the conference. This will be a unique opportunity to discuss and hear from noted experts on the future of work and the implications for organizations. Details on signup for these one-off events will be available later but here is some information about the speakers:

John Boudreau

John Boudreau, one of the world’s leading researchers and thought leaders in the arena of human capital issues, will share his latest research and thinking about the future of work and HR. Drawing upon the work being done by  – the global consortium to reimagine HR, employment alternatives, talent and enterprise – he will discuss the disruptive forces that are fundamentally changing the work landscape. Boudreau will also share insights from his newest book Lead the Work, and the implications as work moves beyond regular full-time employment. His research reinforces many of the provocative themes discussed throughout the conference and will challenge us to tangibly reimagine our personal leadership roles in creating and adapting to the new talent eco-system.

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Jeffrey Pfeffer ( is the Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he has taught since 1979.  Pfeffer is the author or co-author of 14 books on topics including power in organizations, managing people, evidence-based management and The Knowing-Doing Gap.  His latest book, Leadership B.S.:  Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time, was published in September, 2015.  Author of more than 150 articles and book chapters, Pfeffer has won numerous awards for his scholarly research, including an Honorary Doctorate from Tilburg University in The Netherlands.

New HRPA websites improve members’ online experience

At HRPA’s Annual General Meeting in May, I was pleased to report that the Association’s membership numbers had totaled 22,372—a seven per cent year-over-year jump and the highest numbers we’ve ever seen.

It hasn’t taken long to surpass that. By the end of May, and the close of the Association’s member renewal campaign, HRPA’s total members and registrants surpassed 24,000—a 10 per cent increase and clear evidence of the support members have for the direction the Association is going, especially around our efforts to professionalize the HR profession and the introduction of our updated HR competency framework and new CHRP, CHRL and CHRE designations.

And while this is the kind of quantitative feedback we like to see, we’re not about to rest on our laurels. In fact, over the past six months, HRPA has been busy working on website upgrades to make your online member experience much smoother and efficient.

Later this month, HRPA will be launching a brand new website. You will still find us at, but the new site will feature a much better user experience, including simpler navigation so you can find the information you need quickly and easily; better search functionality; and increased responsiveness so you can get the same viewing experience whether you’re on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

And in keeping with our AODA requirements, the new website will be fully WCAG 2.0 AA compliant for persons with vision loss.

Hire Authority Canada HR job board

HRPA is also relaunching the Hire Authority Canada HR job board, with loads of new features for both employers and member job seekers, including social media outreach for all job postings, employer microsites and a new user friendly interface.

Visit the new site at

We’re also repatriating the popular job board back to HRPA from the Workopolis Niche Network, which will provide employers with more flexibility in reaching out to our 24,000 members.

Besides a new look and a more user-friendly web platform, the updated job board boasts several new features for both employers and HRPA-member job seekers, including 60-day job postings; email and social media jobs outreach to all HRPA members; microsites to profile organization and employment brand; free resume upload and job applications exclusive to HRPA members; and the ability to search for jobs by designation, seniority, sector, function, salary and location.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new websites or any other benefits HRPA provides members. Please tell us what you think by adding a comment to this blog or emailing

Best regards,

Bill Greenhalgh